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Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

For occupational therapy students, going on a fieldwork rotation is exciting and also a little nerve-wracking. It is the time that they finally get the chance to integrate the information that they learned in the classroom and apply it directly into practice.  Occupational therapy fieldwork can be really tough, but here are some resources to help you get through it.

Episodes to help navigate your fieldwork

Hearing from other students going through fieldwork is a great way to let you know the struggles you are facing are not only happening to you. 

Everyone goes through trials and doubts, listen as students progress real time through their fieldwork rotations and see how they progress so you don’t feel alone.

Discuss your fieldwork experience with others

One of the best ways to survive and thrive through your fieldwork experiences is to have open communication with others.  This can be with your fieldwork supervisor, but also with other fieldwork students. 

Sharing resources, bouncing ideas off each other, collaborating with others for therapy ideas are all ways to help each other through a difficult and trying time. 

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