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Preparing for the Challenge – OTA Fieldwork: Part 1 of 4

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Episode Summary

Once all the coursework is completed, occupational therapy students start their level 2 fieldworks to gain hands-on, clinical experience in various practice areas. Over the course of a few short months, students take on the challenge of going from observation to entry-level practitioner. 

This episode is the first in a 4 part series where we follow two occupational therapy assistant students from Erie Community College throughout the last of the level 2 fieldwork placements.  Ijeoma Ikpeze and Chantal Sendall dive deep into their experiences as an OTA student and open up about their excitement and nervousness as their last fieldwork is about to begin. 

If you’re an OT student or future OT student, this series should not be missed.  If you’re a clinician and have been considering taking a student or are a current fieldwork educator, this series will give you a first hand glimpse of what students go through during fieldwork.

Show Notes

EJ, Chantal, and Sarah discuss: 

  • Their previous level 2 fieldwork placement
  • Getting experience in many practice areas as an OT student
  • Hardest parts of their first fieldwork placement
  • Challenges with documentation and relating the treatments to the big picture
  • Transitioning from classroom to clinical practice
  • Learning to take chances and not be afraid to make mistakes
  • Preparing for their next Level 2 placements in mental health
  • Having fieldworks back to back
  • Excitement and nerves going into their last placement
  • What they are most excited about and what they are most nervous about
  • Importance of developing an open line of communication with your supervisors 
  • The students’ perceived strengths and weakness going into fieldwork
  • Being resourceful when not knowing the answers
  • How to be a good student
  • The importance of asking questions 
  • Differences between OTA and OT fieldwork
  • Advocating for yourself as an OTA student
  • Social media resources for OT and OTA students

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