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10 Lessons From 2 Years of Podcasting

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Episode Summary

2 years!!! OT 4 Lyfe is officially 2 years old this week. So to celebrate I’m gonna share 10 things I’ve learned from podcasting over the past 2 years. Some things you might already know bc let’s face it, I’m not shy in sharing them, but some of my reflections might surprise you. So let’s take a minute and hop down memory lane with me as I share my reflections from 2 years of podcasting.

Show Notes

Talking Points: 

  1. The only way to get better at something is to research, learn, and practice
  2. The OT community is amazing
  3. People still do not know that OT podcasts exist
  4. Accountability is everything
  5. There’s so much more to podcasting than just talking into a microphone
  6. Being a Lifelong Learner
  7. Each listener takes away something different from each episode
  8. Accessibility of podcasts
  9. I love podcasts and podcasting
  10. Podcasting has changed my lyfe

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