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The Impact of OT in the Prison System with Kwaku Agyemang

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Episode Summary

Have you ever worked as an occupational therapy practitioner in a prison? In today’s episode I chat with Kwaku Agyemang who is an occupational therapist in the United Kingdom who works in the prison setting. Kwaku shares a bit about his role working with young offenders and also sheds light on specific occupational considerations within this practice area.

Show Notes

Kwaku and Sarah discuss:  

  • Normalization of violence
  • Assumptions of people in prison
  • Historical views on wrong doing and punishment
  • Working with young offenders (18-21 years old)
  • Reflections on how they got there and where they can go in the future 
  • Influence of occupations both positive and negative
  • Social context of occupations
  • The opportunity of choice
  • Impact on environment for people in prison
  • What it looks like to work as an OT in prison
  • The framework of occupational therapy
  • How he started working with in the prisons
  • His biggest realization working in this setting
  • OT & Chill

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