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Sex, Love, and Occupational Therapy with Sakshi Tickoo

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Episode Summary

Do you address sex, sexuality, and sexual health as a part of your occupational therapy practice? In today’s episode, Dr. Sakshi Tickoo joins me on the show to share the how and why we need to be addressing sexuality with our clients. And let me just say, addressing sex and sexual health is not only for practitioners working with adults, it’s important aspect to consider when working with clients across the lifespan.

Show Notes

Dr. Sakshi Tickoo and Sarah discuss: 

  • How she became interested in mental health, sexuality, and OT
  • OT in India
  • Sexuality for all age groups
  • Importance of consent
  • Her definition of sexual health
  • Sex as an activity of daily living (ADL)
  • Conditions and misdiagnosed conditions
  • Occupational therapy’s role in sexual health

Connect with Dr. Sakshi Tickoo

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