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Embrace Every Opportunity

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Episode Summary

This past year has taught all of us a lot. Our lives changed. Our professional responsibilities changed. Our stress went through the roof. Emotions ran high. And honestly, some of this is still existing as we speak. OT practitioners and students alike faced some of the most difficult times in their lives. In my last interview episode, Allison Klowan and Allie Watkins shared their experiences going through level 2 fieldwork during a pandemic. And this conversation really got me thinking. So today I’m sharing some of my thoughts about how we can embrace every experience as a learning opportunity, regardless if it goes according to plan.

Show Notes


  • Navigating every experience as a learning opportunity 
  • Sarah’s level 2 fieldwork experiences 
  • Learning throughout her years as a new grad
  • Figuring out this past year as a business owner
  • There is always something to learn even when things don’t go as planned

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