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Should You Pursue That Practice Area?

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Episode Summary

Getting experience in various practice areas as a student and a new grad is super important. Today, I’m going to discuss why I think this is so pivotal, how I went about it, and also why mentorship is one of those things that I talk about all the time. I’ll be sharing my takeaways from episode 79 with Amirra Johnson where we chatted all about working in early intervention as a new grad. While that episode is solely about EI, there are so many things that we discussed that can be applied across different practice areas. To listen to that episode, head on over to ot4lyfe.com/79.

Show Notes



  • Shouldn’t doesn’t mean you can’t. If you’re interested in it, do it
  • Use what your client has and also understand their financial status
  • The importance of having a mentor

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