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OT-PT Collaboration in Early Intervention with Jennifer Ogawa, PT

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Episode Summary

Occupational and Physical Therapists often work together on clients to achieve similar goals through different lenses. Jennifer and Sarah discuss how they approach early intervention from each of their view points and the benefits of collaborating between disciplines.

Show Notes

Physical therapy in early intervention has a very distinct view. Collaborating with occupational therapists allows each practitioner the ability to see the same therapy intervention from a fresh set of eyes. Jennifer Ogawa joins to discuss collaborating in early intervention.

Sarah and Jennifer discuss:

  • The benefits of collaborating between disciplines
  • How to beat traffic in Los Angeles
  • The advantages of home based therapy
  • Their favorite toys to use in therapy
  • The joys of working in early intervention
  • The benefits of being a well rounded therapist
  • The craziest thing they have experienced in a client’s home
  • How to get into early intervention and what is required

You can find Jennifer on Instagram here: @cookinlovinmomma

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