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Occupational Therapy Associations

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Episode Summary

It’s April and that means something absolutely huge to the occupational therapy community. It’s OT month (in the states) and honestly one of my favorite times of the year. So to celebrate OT month this year, I teamed up with Jayson Davies from OT Schoolhouse to bring you this extra special episode. Both Jayson and I are huge proponents of OT associations and we wanted to have a chat about what types of OT associations are out there, what they do for us as OT practitioners and students, and why we think they are important to support. We had an absolute blast chatting about this and hope you enjoy our conversation. If you have any questions, let us know. And if you’re not familiar with Jayson, be sure to listen to his podcast and check out his amazing school-based OT resources.

Show Notes

Discussion Points:

  • Types of occupational therapy associations
  • The importance of being a member of your OT associations
  • Benefits of OT associations
  • Association conferences
  • Cost and payment schedule of membership
  • Non-OT associations
  • OT 4 Lyfe & OT Schoolhouse Giveaway

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