Best of Occupational Therapy (03/18/2020)

This week: updates from AOTA, staying connected amidst social distancing, teletherapy, at home activities, healthcare workers on the front lines of the outbreak, and navigating the volatility of the stockmarket.

Curious What “The BOOT” is?

Here’s the Deal: This is where I bring you the best of the best from the field of OT.

I’ll consume all sorts of wonderful occupational therapy related material, from podcast episodes, to blog posts, YouTube videos, journal articles, social media posts, you name it.  Then I’ll pick a few of my favorites and feature them here for you to enjoy.

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Let’s find out who gets “The BOOT” this week…

In Ever Changing Times, AOTA is Keeping Us Up-to-Date

For current information coming directly from the American Occupational Therapy Association, keep tabs on this page dedicated to provide up-to-date information about COVID-19.

As occupational therapy practitioners we know how important it is for people to engage in meaningful activities. Brynne from Be Well + Balance details how to even amidst isolation we can still engage in purposeful activities and stay connected with others.

Teleporting into Teletherapy?

I’ve got a podcast episode and a blog post to help jump start your journey into telehealth.

Stephanie Lancaster from On The Air Podcast has a past episode detailing the service delivery of occupational therapy in telehealth.

And OT Toolbox put together a wonderful resource all about tips and tricks for using teletherapy.

Since We’re Social Distancing

Good thing my friends Hillary and Chantal from Original Therapy Resources have us covered with a few pdfs with at home activities for OT, PT, and SLP. There is also a Spring Themed Resource Packet.

Working on the Front Lines

Lovelyy OT shares a video with us about how healthcare workers are on the front lines of this virus outbreak.

“I’ve Got My Mind on My Money and My Money on My Mind”

Not only is the coronavirus affecting people’s occupations and routines, but it is also having a significant impact on the stock market. I know many people are starting to freak out because of it’s volatility so here’s a great podcast episode from some well-respected financial bloggers to help you navigate your money and the market during this crazy time.

Doing the Best We Can

During this crazy, unknown time period, I have just been doing the best I can over here, as we all have. Things are changing by the moment and just keeping up with everything has been a challenge.

My work has switched to providing teletherapy as of this week and many clients have cancelled until this all gets sorted out. Not only have therapy sessions been cancelled, but so has the AOTA 2020 conference.

If you are looking for things to do while at home, I released a podcast episode last week with the one and only Mandy Chamberlain from Seniors Flourish. In the episode, Mandy shares how a traumatic personal experience as a family member influenced her role as an OT provider.

And fresh off the press!!!

I have teamed up with Brock Cook from the Occupied podcast and Michelle Amussen from Incorporate Mindfulness to bring you The OT Roundtable podcast. Our aim is to shed light on things that are happening within our profession and bring awareness to these topics through raw and honest discussions. Join the discussion by subscribing to “The OT Roundtable” on your favorite podcast player or at

Hope you are all staying safe out there. If you find any other resources, email me and I will add it.

Take Care- Sarah

Finding Your Community: 2019 AOTA Recap

Episode Summary

A few weeks ago, OT 4 Lyfe attended the 2019 American Occupational Therapy Association conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. This episode runs through some of the highlights from the conference, including things I did and people I got to meet.

Show Notes

Sarah shares:

  • Arriving and checking in early to avoid lines
  • Attending the SIS Networking Reception
  • Developmental Disabilities, Academic Education, Children & Youth, Productive Aging, Home & Community Health, Mental – Health, Rehabilitation & Disability, Sensory Integration & Processing, Work & Industry
  • For more information about SIS:
  • Making plans, but not sticking to them
  • Making the most out of your time at conference
  • Attending the International Breakfast and other World Federation of OT events

The Keynote Address and Opening Ceremony

Tweet Up

IG Meet Up

Meeting other OT Podcasters

Meeting up past podcast guests

Expo hall

Investing in yourself

Mark your calendar for next year March 26-29, 2020

Leading From Where You Are with Ijeoma Ikpeze

Episode Summary

Ijeoma (EJ) Ikpeze OTA/S is an OTA student at Erie Community College who recently finished her school work and is about to embark on her first Level II fieldwork. She is also the only current student and only OTA accepted into the prestigious AOTA Emerging Leaders Development Program.

Show Notes

Ijeoma (EJ) Ikpeze OTA/S is a OTA student at Erie Community College who recently finished her school work and is about to embark on her first Level II fieldwork.  She has a passion for leadership and profound interest in promoting the profession of occupational therapy. EJ is currently the only student and only OTA representative in the AOTA Emerging Leaders Development Program.  Sarah and EJ discuss her experiences, including:

  • OTA school workload and her interests for fieldwork
  • Learning and getting comfortable with practicing in early intervention
  • Getting exposure to a variety of practice settings
  • Going back to get an Associates Degree after getting a Bachelor’s degree
  • Being accepted into the AOTA Emerging Leadership Development Program
  • Going to “Hill Day” at the Capitol Hill in Washington DC to lobby for OT
  • What defines a leader and being a leader as an OT
  • Getting involved state legislature to make a difference

More info about the AOTA Emerging Leaders Development  Program:

Contact her at: