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Taking the Leap into Entrepreneurship

Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L

Have you considered taking the leap into OT entrepreneurship?

From my experience it was one of the hardest, but best things that I have ever done.

Having never considered myself to be a business woman and really not knowing the first thing about being an entrepreneur back when I started, I doubted myself hard core. Talk about pushing comfort zones! 

But I had a great support system, took the time to learn, and jumped in. 

I’ve received a bunch of questions recently about how I started my private practice, what it was like getting started, and what I learned along the way. 

And I wanted to share that I was recently interviewed by my friend Brandon Seigel over at The Private Practice Survival Guide Podcast about my leap into entrepreneurship. 

I seriously had the best chat with him all about my journey as an entrepreneur and how I allowed passion to guide me towards my true purpose. 

So if you want to hear more about my entrepreneurship journey, take a listen to the episode on his podcast titled “Spotlight Interview With Sarah Putt, OTR/L: Transcending Your Comfort Zone As A Private Practice Entrepreneur”

What questions do you have about entrepreneurship? Are you considering it for yourself? Have you recently started down the path? Sound off in the comments, would love to know if you are thinking about it or already doing it?

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