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Surround Yourself With People Who Support You

Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L

I could end my post right here, but…

Of course, I’ve got more to say on this #podcasterlife. 

Being an OT practitioner or student is hard. 

I’ve said this before. 

Getting through OT/ OTA school is hard. Passing fieldwork is hard. Becoming a practitioner is hard. Growing as a practitioner is hard. 

And that is why we need our people.  

We need people who support us, who lift us up, who know we can do it even when we think we can’t. 

And we need those same people who will challenge our ideas to make us reflect on things we hadn’t thought about before. These aren’t the people who think we can’t do it, but rather help us in aligning our goals when we feel lost. 

I’m feeling all nostalgic today because I came across some notes from one of my very first Masterminds meetings with my PT buddy @losleonespt . 

Not only did I realize how far we had come, but also how much his support has meant to me over the years. 

So I urge you to find those people. The people that support you unconditionally. The people who are there for you throughout your OT journey. 

Find those people and love them hard. 

Who are those people to you? Tag one of your people in the comments and tell me why they are the BEST. 

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