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Collaboration Over Competition

Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L

Repeat after me…

Collaboration over competition.

Recently, I’ve been getting this question a lot… “How do you compete with the big pediatric clinics in your area?” or “How do you compete with the therapists who have more experience, training, or letters after their name?”

And really, my answer is simple.

It’s not a competition.

There is no way that I can compete with the large, world recognized clinics in my area. There is no way that I can complete with someone who has more experience, more trainings, and more education that I do.

For me, I shift my mindset away from the competition aspect towards a more positive relationship and think about how we can collaborate and not compete against each other.

I think about my unique skillset, my mission and vision as a practitioner, and what I bring to the table. I think about how we might be able to compliment each other or even work together, rather than think that I need to compete or keep up with what they are doing.

It’s collaboration over competition.

My mindset is if I get a referral for a client who could benefit more from a service the big company or more experienced therapist can offer, then I make the necessary referral for the best of the client.

It’s about establishing the relationship and working together, not apart. Because we can only go so far by ourselves, but can go so much further together.

So the next time you think you can’t compete, shift your mindset to collaboration. Think about how you can collaborate with others and how you can both benefit from that.

How do you promote collaboration in your practice? Share any examples in the comments and let’s ditch the competition mindset.

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