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Best of Occupational Therapy (10/21/2020)

This week, the best of occupational therapy includes: mental health resources.

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best of occupational therapy

This week is a guest “BOOT” post from none other than the wonderful Brock Cook of the Occupied Podcast. And since it was just Mental Health Week and Brock has a passion for mental health, he of course had to share some of his favorite mental health resources. So without further ado, take it away Brock…

Being asked to compile the BOOT was a massive honour! Given my background and the fact that it was just Mental Health week what better time to give you guys a MH BOOT 🙂

Mindful Action World Mental Health Day

Many of these “days/weeks/months” that we have during the year are really great for raising awareness and people will openly recognise “oh this is mental health week” but really not have any clue what to do or where to start. I know I’m biased but MH should never be tokenistic so here are some great resources to help you in how you can improve your mental wellbeing AND the mental wellbeing of your clients.

Taking time for mental health during Mental Health Week

Time and space is super important when it comes to being able to look after our minds and our emotions. So make some time. Create some space for yourself.

Taking Some ‘Me Time’ is Important

And it also helps strengthen your mental wellbeing. Now that you’ve made the time and space to look after your mental wellbeing there is another barrier to overcome. People often feel guilt about doing this and looking after themselves more. This guilt about being “selfish” is normal, BUT it is something we must overcome in order to support our own mental wellbeing.

10 Tips for Improving Your Mental Health

Once we’re happy and have created mentally healthy time into our routines and schedules here are some really easy and accessible things to do/explore

Strong Minds Club Cards

An amazing resource that is coming out really soon and you can support are these cards. Having a tool that makes exploring mentally healthy activities easy make sit super easy to address this topic with the people we work with as well as ourselves, family members and loved ones. Get on board and support these guys and get yourself a super beautiful and affordable resource.

In the end we work in a caring profession and as much as we think we’re fine, it takes a toll. Just as our cars need an oil change every now and then, so does out mental wellbeing. If we want to keep giving effective health care to the people we work with, we need to look after ourselves.

Wanna know more about Brock Cook?

Brock is the host of the Occupied Podcast and co-host with me and Michelle on the OT Roundtable podcast. He is an Australian occupational therapist and currently lectures at a local university. Brock has amazing insight about the profession of occupational therapy, specifically coming from a mental health lens so if you haven’t listened to his show yet, I highly suggest you do. And in case you missed it, here’s a link to the episode I did with him on OT 4 Lyfe: Episode 53- Thinking and Learning Through an Occupational Lens.

New Podcast Episode, New Question of the Month, and a New Movement Challenge

This week I had a special episode release with Dr. Sakshi Tickoo to celebrate her one year of Sex, Love and OT. We dive into sex, sexuality, and sexual health as it relates to occupational therapy.

Don’t forget about the current question of the month. Check it out here and remember to get your voicemails in. All you gotta do is call in and answer this- What are your favorite continuing education courses that you have taken and why? I will be sharing all the voicemails I get on an upcoming episode of the OT 4 Lyfe podcast.

We’re about to start a brand new 30 movement challenge and at the moment it is between mountain climbers and a dance challenge. Gonna put out a poll today and see where the votes take us. If you wanna join in on the next one, post a video of you doing the challenge on your Instagram story and tag me @ot.4.lyfe so we can hold each other accountable. Check out my IG stories everyday to see all the #accountabilOTs in action.

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– Sarah

For us, OT is more than just a job!

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