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Best of Occupational Therapy (06/17/2020)

This week, the best of occupational therapy includes: inequalities in early intervention, EI changing lives, managing screen time, the power of language, and what OT practitioners can do in the current social climate.

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best of occupational therapy

Inequalities in Early Intervention

Amirra from @marvelousmirracles.ot just finished an incredible series all about the inequalities and underrepresentation in early intervention. Not only is jammed packed with research, but also full of actionable steps for us to take as occupational therapy practitioners.

The Life Changing Magic of Early Intervention

Speaking of #earlyintervention, the New York Times recently published a post detailing the how EI changed one family’s life. Being an EI therapist, I love seeing articles like this because I know just how important early intervention is.

Too Much Screen Time?

If quarantine did one thing, it was that it brought on an influx of screen time to our lives and the lives of our children. Miss Jaime OT shares 5 ways to help parents manage screen time during #quarantine.

Brock Cook from the Occupied Podcast chatted with Dr. Khalilah Johnson and Jacklyn Goggins this week. They had an absolutely brilliant discussion around disability, culture, and the importance of language.

What Can We Do As OT Practitioners?

Go watch Alondra La OT and Dr. Julia Harper’s chat about what we can do as OT practitioners in today’s current social climate.

2 Podcasts, a Book Club, and a Challenge

Speaking of Alondra La OT, we just released episode 3 of The OT Roundtable Podcast in which she was a guest. We dove into the topic of imposter syndrome; what it is, what it feels like, and what we can do about it. If you wanna find out who the real imposter is, take a listen.

I also put out a monologue episode this week sharing my takeaways from my interview with Cheryl from Arthritis Life. You can join in on the discussion, and share your takeaways. Stay tuned for Friday 6/19/2020 because I have an extra special podcast episode coming your way.

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For us, OT is more than just a job!

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