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Best of Occupational Therapy (05/27/2020)

This week, the best of occupational therapy includes: addressing burnout and compassion fatigue, the importance of breath, sex and disability, health literacy, and the impact of international service learning experiences.

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best of occupational therapy

Feeling Burnt Out?

Burn out is real. So is compassion fatigue. And it can happen to caregivers and to all of us that work in healthcare. Check out these 5 tips to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue from GeriOTtrics.

Take a Breather

We all know that breathing is super important. But what impact does it have on lymphatic system? This post by The Lymph Therapist lays out what breathing has to do with our lymphatic system.

Let’s Talk About Sex-Abled

Let’s face it, sex is quite often overlooked in healthcare. And it is even more taboo to talk about for people who have disability. Good thing Sex, Love, and OT is here to advocate on the subject of disability, sex, and relationships.

If sex within the adult population isn’t talked about enough, conversations about sex with teenagers with disabilities is even less on the radar. But it is just as important. Devon Breithart shares why.

Health Literacy in Morocco

OT Uncorked recently released an interview with Julie Thiel and Julia Norkitis about their international research project. Through graphic novels, their work aimed to improve health literacy among mothers of children with disabilities in Morocco.

Impact of International Service Learning

Many OT schools offer an opportunity for students to participate in an international service learning opportunity. On this episode of How To OT, Karen Schnedl shares her research about the impacts of international service learning on alumni practice.

Virtual Fieldwork and the #50squatchallenge

I’m a week and a half into supervising two level 2 students and so far things have been going rather well. As with starting anything new, there have been some hiccups, but all in all, it is working.

I released a takeaway episode to follow-up on my episode with Jenna Mele about dementia. Be sure to listen to hear why this episode was such a hard episode for me to record (and edit). And feel free to chime in your thoughts about the episode here.

Yesterday, I recorded something new for you. So stay tuned for my next monthly recap episode to see what fun I have up my sleeve.

I also just started a new movement challenge for the next 30 days (well 27 by the time this comes out). Join me in doing 50 squats every day for the next month and be an #accountabilot. Post a video of your squats on Instagram stories and tag me so I can see what you are up to.

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– Sarah

For us, OT is more than just a job!

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