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Best of Occupational Therapy (05/20/2020)

This week: a dose of positivity, remote level 2 fieldwork, teletherapy from the parent’s perspective, and increasing visibility in healthcare.

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Need a Positivity Boost?

Then tune in to the latest episode of the Therapy Entrepreneurs and Leaders of Color podcast. Tomeico Fasion interviews Dr. Brittany Conner and let me just say that you can’t help but feel her optimism and enthusiasm.

Remote Level 2 Fieldwork

In this current climate, many fieldwork placements have been cancelled. But many others are participating in remote fieldwork to allow students to complete their clinical hours. Hear one student’s insight about switching to teletherapy for the second half of their final level 2 fieldwork.

Teletherapy: A Parent’s Perspective

We’ve heard a bunch from professionals discussing the pros and cons of teletherapy. But this week, I stumbled across an amazing article from the parent’s perspective.

The Rainbow OT is on a mission to increase visibility of LGBTQIA+ healthcare professionals in their new series called “Out in Healthcare”. While professionals from different areas within healthcare have previously been featured, this week an awesome occupational therapist was highlighted on the blog.

Summer is Here

And that means summer fieldwork has officially started. This week, I virtually welcomed two level 2 OT fieldwork students to my private practice. They will be spending the next 12 weeks with me virtually as they complete their final fieldwork rotation.

And on the podcast this week, I released an episode with Jenna Mele, an occupational therapist who specializes in dementia care. In the episode, Jenna shares some incredible stories so make sure to have a box of tissues handy. Got any comments or takeaways from the episode? Join in the discussion.

Also, I started another new thing on the podcast. After each interview episode, I will be releasing a short episode in which I share some of my takeaways, as well as some feedback from the community. Check out this episode to hear my takeaways from my episode with Taelormade OT about trauma.

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