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Best of Occupational Therapy (02/10/2020)

This week: the Coronavirus OT Toolkit, OT and Spirituality, offsetting sports medicine, the most important developmental milestone, imposter syndrome, and #DiverseOT.

Curious What “The BOOT” is?

Here’s the Deal: This is where I bring you the best of the best from the field of OT.

Throughout the week, I’ll consume all sorts of wonderful occupational therapy related material, from podcast episodes, to blog posts, YouTube videos, journal articles, social media posts, you name it.  Then I’ll pick a few of my favorites and feature them here for you to enjoy.

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Let’s find out who gets “The BOOT” this week…

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Implications of the Coronavirus on OT

The Coronavirus has been the talk of the town over the past few weeks, but you might be wondering its impact on OT. Luckily, OT Dude compiled a list of precautions and things to know to keep you safe as an OT practitioner in his Coronavirus OT Toolkit.

What Does Spirituality Have To Do With Occupational Therapy?

Probably a whole lot more than you think. Lauren Burns, OTR/L reveals how in her latest blog post on OT and Church.

Offsetting Medicine One Day at a Time

A previous student and past podcast guest of mine, Taejun Lee got a huge feature in a local Los Angeles magazine this week. Find out more about him and how he is changing the face of sports medicine for urban athletes.

Crawling: The Misunderstood Milestone

Often overlooked, crawling might just be the most important milestone for children to foster. Meghan Fox from Woo Therapy details why she continues to implement it into her therapy sessions even after a child has learned to walk.

Feeling Like an Imposter?

I think most of us OTs, as well as PTs, SLPs, and other healthcare professionals can relate to this at some point in our clinical career. Find out ways to shake these feelings and overcome imposter syndrome in a brilliant episode with Dr. Shante Cofield and Emma Jack. on Maestro on the Mic.

Diversity in OT

According to statistics, only 4.2% of employed occupational therapists in the US are of Latino decent. Marilyn Rodriguez, a student from the University of Southern California, can’t wait to join the 4.2% when she becomes an OT practitioner.

Speaking of Diverse OT…

I’ve got a brand new episode of the OT 4 Lyfe podcast out that addresses this very topic. My guest, Michelle DeJesus, MS, OTR/L, shares her passion for all things diversity, leadership, and advocacy for minorities in healthcare.

Over the weekend, I celebrated another round of students completing their fieldwork rotation at my private practice. We had a little get-together with the most recent students, as well as previous students that have done their fieldwork with me in the past. It is something that I always look forward to and as always we had an absolute blast.

We’re also getting closer and closer to the AOTA 2020 conference (now only 6 weeks away). I’ll be presenting with a few other OT Podcasters from Occupied, Seniors Flourish, I Love OT Podcast, and OT After Dark.

Come check us out at Tech Lab 303A- OT Podcasts: A Modern Medium Connecting & Educating Individuals Around the Globe on Saturday March 28, 2020 from 1:30-3:00pm. Who knows we might even be recording a live podcast then too!

Who’s ready for an awesome week?

Cheers- Sarah

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