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The Other Half of Occupational Therapy

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Episode Summary

Ever wonder what other people think of the profession of occupational therapy? Especially those who are close to us, like our friends and family members, who hear us talk about OT all day long. In this episode, Sarah brings on a few previous podcast guests who all eat, breath, and sleep OT and also their spouses to have a conversation about the profession of occupational therapy coming from the lens of their other halves. On the show we have Danielle Delorenzo and her husband Chris, Miranda Donnelly and her husband Sean, Laura Petix and her husband Mark, and rounding out the panel is Sarah’s husband and other half Ray Putt. If you happened to have missed Danielle, Miranda, or Laura on their previous episodes, you can find links to each of them in the show notes so be sure to check those out to hear more of their stories. But today, we’re focusing on the other half of occupational therapy.

Show Notes

The Other halves discuss: 

  • Their definition of occupational therapy
  • How they learned about OT
  • Things they’ve learned from having an OT spouse 
  • Applying an OT perspective to their jobs
  • If they ever get sick of hearing their spouse talk about OT?
  • The best and worst parts of the field of occupational therapy
  • Social media and the profession  
  • How to promote the profession better
  • One word to describe OT 

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