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The Emotionality of Practice

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Episode Summary

Sometimes working as an occupational therapy practitioner can take its toll on us physically and even more so emotionally. And many times I think we underestimate the value that we bring to the table and the impact that we have on our clients and their family’s lives. So today I’m going to dive into the emotionality of practice a bit and share my reflections from my chat with Effie Parks on episode 81, Pediatric Therapy From the Parent’s Perspective. Effie’s words spoke straight to my heart and really made me think about my role as an OT practitioner and how much potential we have to shape our client’s lives. If you happened to miss that episode, you can give it a listen over at ot4lyfe.com/81.

Show Notes


  • Remembering that what we are doing is making an impact in the lives of our clients
  • Emotionality of practice

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