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OT School: From Classroom to Level 2 Fieldwork

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Episode Summary

Occupational therapy school is quite a journey. From the multitude of classes, to Level 1 fieldwork experiences, all the midterms and finals, and the practical exams along the way. Just making it through the program is a feat in itself. Then comes the Level 2 fieldworks which take people from being students in the classroom to becoming entry level OT practitioners by the end of their first rotation. Needless to say, a lot of learning occurs during this entire process.

In this episode, Sarah chats with Bianca Callier, Kathleen Kanegawa, and Celia Parra, three occupational therapy doctoral students from West Coast University, as they make the transition from being a student in the classroom to embarking on their Level 2 fieldworks. They discuss their experiences in OT school so far, how to be involved in leadership and advocacy as an OT student, and what excites them most about our profession. They also share some great tips and strategies on how to thrive and excel within an OT program. Their passion and enthusiasm for our profession will be sure to inspire any current OT students, future OT students, fieldwork educators, and OT practitioners.

Show Notes

Bianca, Kat, Celia and Sarah discuss:

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