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What Death Can Teach Us About Lyfe

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Episode Summary

Ever wonder what working with the dying can teach us about lyfe and money? My guest today is Jordan Grumet MD, a hospice physician who also likes to talk about money as he hosts the Earn and Invest podcast. In the episode, Jordan shares what he has learned working in hospice and how it relates to lyfe and finances. His insight into this topic is absolutely amazing and so important for occupational therapy practitioners and quite honestly all healthcare workers to hear.

Show Notes

Discussion Points:

  • His first experience with death
  • Discovering his true identity as a doctor 
  • Finding your passion 
  • Is it weird to talk about money and healthcare? 
  • Best and worst piece of advice given in regards to money
  • The biggest thing he has learned as a hospice doctor when it comes to death and money
  • Financial independence
  • Why did he decide to write a book and what impact does he hope it has

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