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Limb Differences and Occupational Therapy with Audrey Spikes

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Episode Summary

Do you work with people with limb differences? Whether it be congenital or acquired, occupational theory plays a huge role working with people who have limb differences. In this episode, I bring on Audrey Spikes to share her experience from both the personal and professional lens as she has limb differences and also works with clients who have them. Get ready for a jam packed episode with so much insight into limb differences and how we as OT practitioners can best support those who have them. For links to anything mentioned in the episode, head to www.ot4lyfe.com.

Show Notes

Audrey and Sarah discuss: 

  • Pivotal moment in your lyfe in regards to your limb differences
  • Importance of language
  • Types of limb differences
  • Congenital versus acquired limb differences
  • Her experience going from patient to practitioner
  • Mental health implications for people with limb differences
  • Advocating for herself and others
  • Disclosing your disability on job applications
  • Parenting kids with limb differences
  • Occupational therapy’s role in working with people with limb differences

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