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We Bought A… And Other Lyfe Insights

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Episode Summary

It’s been awhile OT 4 Lyfe fam. But rather than let it get longer and longer before putting out another episode, I’m showing up imperfectly to give you a little update about what has been going on behind the scenes of OT 4 Lyfe. If you’re new here or just want to hear OT content, feel free to skip this episode and listen to any of the other 100+ episodes I have released so far. But if you’re curious what’s been going on in my lyfe and also want to hear what’s in store for OT 4 Lyfe in 2022, then stay on the line. I’ve got some deep reflections and some fun news to share with you.

Show Notes

Discussion Points:

  • Lyfe update
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Disconnect from the profession
  • Creative slump
  • Recovering perfectionist
  • Changes coming to the show

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