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12 Lessons From 12 Years as an Occupational Therapist

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Episode Summary

Want to know what I wished I would have known as an occupational therapy student? As I have just hit my twelfth year as an occupational therapist, I’ve been doing some reflecting recently and recognized just how much I have learned since I was a student. If only I could go back in time and tell myself all that I know now, but the next best thing is to tell current and future students in hopes that it might help them on their journey. The other week I was honored to get the opportunity to present for the student occupational therapy association (SOTA) group at Winston-Salem State University. This episode is the audio from that presentation sharing the 12 lessons I have learned from 12 years in the field as an occupational therapist. I reference slides that were used during the presentation which are linked in the show notes.

Show Notes

Discussion Points: 

  • What I wished I would have known when I was an OT student
  • Lessons learned from the field
  • International volunteer experiences
  • Overcoming challenges

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