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The Occupation of Being Pregnant

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Episode Summary

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, one that is full of wonder and also a lot of changes. When I announced that I was pregnant earlier this year, I had a bunch of people reach out to me wanting to hear about my experience. So of course I had to do an episode about it. But when I found out that one of my OT besties and fellow podcasters was also pregnant, I knew that we needed to have a chat together about our journeys so far. So joining me in this episode is the one and only Miranda Donnely from OT Uncorked and we share about the shift in our identities and some of the occupational transitions we have gone through during our pregnancies so far. We also dive into some of the things that we don’t hear people talk about much when discussing pregnancy and share in some of the fun things we have experienced, brain fog and all. Miranda and I are not pregnancy experts, but rather we wanted to have a candid conversation of our experiences coming from a personal and occupational lens. Please note that talking about pregnancy can be an emotional topic, so make sure you are mindful of your own mental health and feel free to skip this episode if it is at all triggering for you. Also, just so you know this episode was recorded about one and a half weeks before I gave birth so fortunately we recorded it when we did. Miranda and I had a great time recording this and hope you find some valuable insight in our discussion about the occupation of being pregnant.

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