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Level II Fieldwork During a Pandemic

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Episode Summary

Level 2 fieldworks are a challenging but fun time in a student’s journey to becoming an OT practitioner. But when a worldwide pandemic gets thrown into the mix, it makes for an even more difficult experience. Today, I am bringing on 2 OTD students, Allison Klowan and Allie Watkins, who both recently finished their level 2 fieldwork placements. We dive into how their experiences went, the challenges they faced because of the pandemic, and what they learned throughout the process. If you’re a current student that is on fieldwork or preparing to go on fieldwork, you won’t want to miss this episode. And if you’re a practitioner or fieldwork educator, take a listen to gain some insight into the student’s perspective of being on fieldwork during a worldwide pandemic.

Show Notes

Allison, Allie and Sarah discuss: 

  • One word to sum up your experience in level 2 fieldwork as a whole
  • What their placements were supposed to look like and what they ended up being like
  • Thoughts about their safety working with patients in-person during a pandemic
  • Tips to advocate for yourself as a student
  • Tips to prepare for level 2 fieldwork
  • Setbacks and challenges they faced
  • Importance of navigating occupational balance  as a student and practitioner
  • Experience with teletherapy as a student
  • Advice for students currently on or about to embark on the fieldwork journey
  • Insight to share with fieldwork educators from the student perspective

Mentioned Resources:

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Connect with Allie 

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