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100 Episodes: The Good, the Bad, and Like Umm Ya Know the Ugly

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Episode Summary

100 episodes! I can’t even believe I’ve made it to 100 podcast episodes of OT 4 Lyfe. And not only did I make it to this huge accomplishment, but my podcasting buddy and friend Brock Cook over at the Occupied Podcast hit this milestone at the exact same time. So we figured that what better way to celebrate hitting 100 episodes than to sit down together and do what we do best, talk about occupational therapy and podcasts. In today’s episode, the two of us chat about our podcast journeys, share some of our wins and also some of our fails… errr things we learned along the way. And let me tell you, we dive into it all. The good, the bad, and like umm ya know the ugly. I am so proud of us and am honored to share this accomplishment with Brock who has been such a huge part of this journey for me. So cheers to 100 episodes and heres to 100 more!

Show Notes

Brock and Sarah discuss:

  • Our biggest podcast mistakes
  • What we have learned throughout this journey
  • The best and hardest parts of starting and continuing to do an OT podcast
  • Changes we have seen with OT podcasts since we started
  • Important components to a podcast
  • What’s changed over the years
  • The future of our shows 

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