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What Holds Us Back?

Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L

What is holding you back from doing something?

Is it that you are afraid to fail? 

Scared of being laughed at? 

Petrified of making a mistake? 

Not wanting to be wrong?

Maybe it’s a little bit of imposter syndrome or undervaluing yourself or just not believing that you can do it.  

Trust me, I’ve been there. 

I’ve been afraid of being wrong, making a mistake, failing and being laughed at. I undervalued what I thought I could do and definitely didn’t believe in myself.  

And this held me back from doing so many things in my lyfe. 

It made me drag my feet on projects or not even start tasks for fear that I wouldn’t be able to do it. 

But finally one day I put my foot down and reframed that fear. 

I asked myself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” and then said, “Well, if that happens, I’ll chalk it up as a learning opportunity.”

And yet, although I am better, I still struggle with overcoming the fears to this day. 

While it’s not easy, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. 

So don’t let fear hold you back any more. Take the risk, take a step towards your goals, because you’ll never know how far you can go until you get there, turn around and see how far you’ve come. 

Let me ask you this… what is holding you back? Why is it holding you back? Can you reframe it to fuel towards your passions and goals? 

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