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Sometimes All We Need is a Snow Break

Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L

Ever have those days where your To-Do List is longer than you could get to in a month?

Today was one of those days. 

Throughout the day, I chipped away at my list. Making some progress, but not as much as I had hoped. 

Everything just seemed to take longer. Something that should have taken 5 minutes, took 15. Something that should have taken an hour, took 2.5 hours. 

I worked most of the day and before I knew it the day was almost over… true lyfe of an #entrepreneur .

And even though I worked so much, I didn’t accomplish all I had hoped to accomplish. 

But then, guess what?

It started snowing. And to be honest, it doesn’t snow in my area very often.

It started snowing while I was attempting to record a podcast episode, which might explain why it took me longer cause I keep looking out the window, but I digress. 

So I finished up the episode, took one more look at my To-Do list, and then decided to take a snow break… Well more like a snow minute, because A) it was cold and B) it was already starting to get dark. 

And honestly taking that minute to go outside and feel the snow on my face was exactly what I needed. 

Moral of the story… sometimes our to-dos can wait. Sometimes we need to take a minute and focus on the present, focus on ourselves, and focus on self-care. 

And remember self-care is selfish. It is necessary.  

Have you been a slave to your to-dos recently? How have you been incorporating self-care into your routine? Did you do anything for yourself today?

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