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Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L

Because you know I’m all about the sound, bout the sound, no echo.

I’m all about the sound, bout the sound, no echo.

Now that that song is officially stuck in your head, raise your hand if you love good audio quality like I do.

I mean seriously, who likes to listen to audio where it sounds like the person speaking in in a bathtub or where you can barely hear the voices because the audio is so bad?

And don’t even get me started about clicks and pops and white noise (another song reference, can you guess it?). Ok Tim McGraw, maybe they’re fine on an old school vinyl, but not on a modern piece of audio.

I mean, I’m may be a bit of a nerd about audio quality, but it’s really one of the most important things when it comes to a podcast, video, virtual presentation, webinar, etc.

And being that I’m such a stickler for audio quality, I wanted to share with you my personal recommendation for a killer microphone.

Personally, I use the ATR 2100 (Audio Technica) microphone and have been for years.

And why do I like it so much? Because it is super affordable, easy to use, and produces great quality audio.

Now, I should mention that the ATR 2100 was recently upgraded to the ATR 2100x. But from what I can tell, it’s just a tad more expensive, but same good quality. It also comes in a bundle with some other necessary audio gadgets.

I also want to add that another mic I recommend is the Samsung Q2U. It is a little bit cheaper than the ATR 2100X, but is a great mic for the price. I personally haven’t used this mic, but a few of my friends have it and I think it’s audio quality is fantastic. And you guessed it, this one also comes in a bundle too.

There are a ton of microphones out there, some cheap and some really, really expensive. And trust me when I say, I started with a cheap microphone and the quality was as good as the amount of money I spent on it. Listening back to my first few podcast episodes, I cringe because the audio was horrible since I was using my cheap mic. As soon as I upgraded to a better mic, my audio became crystal clear. Did I mention I’m a nerd when it comes to audio?

Are you looking for a good microphone? Do you own one that you love? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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