Laura Petix, OTR

Name: Laura Petix, OTR

Location: Atlanta, GA

Practice Area: Pediatrics

Favorite Occupation: Painting my nails

How often do you engage in your favorite occupation?

“2x month ( pre-baby used to do it 1x/week!)”

What do you get out of it?

“I can’t stand my nails bare, I do it for aesthetics but I also find the act of painting the nail soothing, much like I still find coloring to be soothing!”

What does it mean to your lyfe?

“This is one of the truest forms of leisure for me because it requires visual attention AND keeps my hands busy. My other “leisure” activities like watching TV are always accompanied by me working on my computer, cleaning or doing laundry. Doing my nails means I took 15 minutes to myself. The excuse of having wet nails for an hour after also gets me out of some toddler duties which is a plus :)”

I am the worst when it comes to painting my nails (maybe you can just call me lazy), but I do enjoy a good mani/pedi when I can. Who else enjoys getting their nails done like Laura does?

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