Miranda Rennie, OTR

Name: Miranda Rennie, OTR

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Practice Area: neurorehabilitation & research

Favorite Occupation: eating ice cream

How often do you engage in your favorite occupation?

“I indulge about 2x month”

What do you get out of it?

“Just as much as the ice cream itself, I get quality time with people close to me as we enjoy a treat together”

What does it mean to your lyfe?

“I have so many happy memories eating ice cream with my friends and family – it’s hard not to be happy when you’re enjoying a delicious treat with people you love! Growing up, my grandparents had a tradition of serving banana splits for breakfast the first morning we were with them during a visit. My grandfather would put together a banana split buffet, assuring us in his seemingly-serious but gentle and witty way that it was a healthy breakfast because there was a banana, strawberries, cherries, and dairy! When I was little, I would request “a banana split with no banana, just ice cream and chocolate sauce.” We continue this tradition today, even as all of us grandkids are adults (and yes, I do eat all of the fruit and even add the nuts for some protein!). My own dad has carried on the tradition when my niece comes to stay with them. While it may just look like a bowl of ice cream, to me, it means spending special mornings on my grandparents’ farm, gathered around the table, sharing stories and traditions. It means being silly, even as adults, and celebrating being together, as those times become fewer and we say goodbye to loved ones and welcome new family members. NOTES ABOUT PICTURES: the one with the cactus in the background and the fields through the window is at my grandparents’ farm, which they have since sold, and my grandmother passed away a few years ago, so any pictures on the farm are special to me. The one of me and my niece Maddie was taken while my whole family made our own ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience in Pennsylvania for my niece’s 2nd birthday this may. She was mixing in her flavor. The one of Sean and I was taken when we had ice cream before dinner on vacation. Sorry I don’t have more pictures of me actually doing anything, but hopefully this is something you can work with … Thanks for including me :)”

I could definitely hang with a banana split aka ice cream for breakfast as long as it is chocolate chip ice cream. What’s your flavor of choice?

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