Irene Ghattas, OTS

Name: Irene Ghattas, OTS

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Practice Area: Pediatrics

Favorite Occupation: Going to Disneyland

How often do you engage in your favorite occupation?

“At least once a month”

What do you get out of it?

“When I go alone, I get to take my time and fully appreciate all of the tiniest details. When I go with friends/family, it’s an opportunity to socialize, encourage my loved ones to let their inner child out. Going to Disneyland is always a mini escape from reality.”

What does it mean to your lyfe?

“I have been going to Disneyland consistently for over 10 years now. So many aspects of my life have changed significantly in that time, but no matter what else goes on around it, Disney has been a safe space. Although I have spent as much time in the parks as I have, I still manage to find details I’ve never noticed before every single time I go. Learning to look for those little details at Disneyland eventually taught me to look for them in my day to day life as well.”

I have to admit that my favorite ride at Disneyland is Thunder Mountain. What’s your favorite ride?

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