Daniel Arellano, OTR/L

He mentioned that he usually tries to have at least one outdoor adventure a week. It could be a hike, it could be a camping trip, or sometimes he drives to Red Rock Canyon and sits on the trunk of his car. Even when driving to California to see his parents, he stated that he’ll pull over for a few minutes and walk through the Joshua trees of the Mojave preserve.

When asked what he gets out of it, he replied, “Being outdoors helps me disconnect. If there’s anything that’s been making me feel stressed, it melts away when I have some time outdoors. I have no distractions when I am there. And all I have to worry about is being mindful and enjoying the sites and the sensations.”

He goes on to say, “It means a lot to me. It means that I’m physically able to stay active. It means I have a coping mechanism for stress. It means I’ve found something meaningful that I enjoy wholeheartedly.”

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