Taelor Millsap, OTDS

One of her favorite occupations is (kick)boxing. She has been boxing off and on for approximately 4 years, and now does it 3 times week.

“When I am boxing,” she said, “I am my happiest. I feel limitless and uplifted. It’s a spiritual release, it’s the best way to manage stress, it’s mental and physical stimulation, it’s constantly pushing my own boundaries, it’s feeling strong (mentally and physically), it’s social participation, and it helps me feel confident in my own skin.”

“It’s one of my most meaningful activities. Whenever I stop or pull back, other pieces of my life start to unravel. It’s my glue and I’m fortunate to have the ability to regularly engage in my most meaningful activity.”

Want to hear more from Taelor? Go check out her website: TaelorMadeOT.com

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