Brock Cook, OTR

Brock engages in trainings about 4 times a week, does competitions 2-3 times a year, and spends time discussing, thinking, reading, and learning about powerlifting everyday.

When asked what he gets out of it, he said, “It gives me an objective sense of achievement in the numbers on the bar. The feeling of the progression towards mastery as I learn new skills, techniques, ideas, and put them into practice to see if they work for me. A sense of connection and community. Even though it seems like an individual sport its the connections and friendships formed with your club and your team that makes the sport worth it. It is about helping and supporting each other, as well as building each other up. Sometimes just hanging out with my team is even more valuable than the lifting to me.

Powerlifting means progression and self-development to me. Both physically and mentally. The fortitude, work ethic and resilience I have developed through this sport have carried over into many other aspects of my life and I’m eternally grateful to have found it when I did.

Want to hear more from Brock? Go check out his amazing “Occupied” podcast.

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