Alexis Joelle, OTR/L

She commits to traveling out of the country once a year.

When asked what she gets out of it, she replied, “Perspective, in terms of culture and in terms of way of life. It also brings me humility and an ownership to my values. A life living with our fellow humans on this earth and paying respect to a variety of individual and collective ways of doing so brings invaluable perspective. Traveling also re-ignites my thoughts about the way life can be; a life by design.”

“It also gives me opportunity to prioritize finances. In order to feasibly go out of the country, I have to save money leading up to the time I have planned to pay for it, not the date I intend to go. Planning is key! For example, if I want to go to XYZ and it costs me 5,000, I need to subtract the amount of months or year and save up each month leading up to that point of payment to make it happen.”

“What traveling means to me is freedom, opportunity to explore an unknown land, connection with others; in other countries and other cultures, quality time with my loved ones when I enjoy the journey with them, time to regenerate when I go alone (like the time I went to New Zealand for my 30th birthday). It also gives me a really satisfied belly because I love eating the local food in other countries. It just makes my day.”

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