Grant Mitchell, OTR/L

When asked about reading, Grant replied, “In seasons of life involving change, there have been few valued occupations I can maintain like I can reading. Reading is a daily practice I can manage in someway to incorporate in the morning, on my commute to work (audiobooks), during lunch, and in the evening with family.”

“My favorite interests are classic science fiction like H.G. Wells, classics and history in general, and of course OT History. Reading the Bible is also a shared practice with my family and friends. I most like literature that adds to my narrative of life, giving me language and metaphor to see the world differently.”

“In some ways, reading is about friendship to me. Not with people of the present, but people of the past. I have found some of my favorite friends through literature; C.S. Lewis is one of my closest friends in that way, as he is many others. It’s also about shared language and quality time, in reading out loud with my family, stories by Roald Dahl for example, I am re-experiencing a part of my childhood and sharing that with my daughter.”

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