Brynne Terry, OTS

Brynne typically goes hiking on the weekends 1-3x/month depending on weather — luckily she lives in California, so there are plenty of hikes and weather typically isn’t an issue (except for the most recent rainy season!). She also try to go on hikes when she travels — it’s such a good way to stay active and see the world’s natural beauty.

When asked what she gets out of it, she said, “I love hiking for three main reasons:

1. It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with friends. There’s something about walking and talking in nature that sparks deep conversation — some of my most meaningful talks have come out of good, long hikes.

2. I get a good exercise in. It’s always a plus when you can have fun and break a sweat!

3. It’s a “mini escape” where I get to be fully surrounded by nature. When I was living in LA, I often felt overwhelmed by everything that was going on around me. Hiking was always my go-to escape because it was readily accessible and always made me feel so at peace. Hiking offers a moment to pause and just soak up what’s around you, reflect, and breathe.”

“To me, hiking means connection and rejuvenation. It means connecting with others, connecting with myself, and connecting with nature. It means stepping away from the every day life problems and stressors to ease my mind and instead appreciate the beauty of this world. It means taking a moment to revive my spirit and simply enjoy the view.”

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