Leah Foreman, COTA/L, OTDS

She has painted all of her life (since age 9) and even went to art school for painting. Life and career make it more difficult to sit down for a piece now, but she aims to try for 1-2x a month.

When asked what she gets out of it, she stated, “I get into a flow state when I paint, I lose track of time and there is something therapeutic about mixing paint, creating color, and creating something I’m proud of. I have been working hard lately on painting for myself rather than for others. Art school can really train you to create for others to approve of your work. I’m starting to paint with the intention that no one will ever see what I’m working on — this way I can flow and create for myself and more for the process rather than the end result.”

“Painting means a lot to me, to be honest it’s a bit emotional — sort of beyond words. My grandmother (and best friend) is a painter. My home is filled with her work and I have paintings we did together as a child. I have brushes and easels she has given me that I will cherish forever. It’s one of the only occupations I have done throughout my life that I do for myself. It means a great deal to me.”

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