Jordan McCauley, OTS

Jordan is a 2nd year grad student at Sacred Heart University and a big peds guy, having just finished up his first Level II Fieldwork in the school system.

One of his favorite activities to engage in is going to major league baseball games with his dad. For the past 5 years he and his dad have taken part of their summer to get to one new MLB stadium. Some years they have made it a road trip and seen as many as 4 in a week. They have traveled to 13 of the 30 current stadiums (both NY, Boston, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Toronto, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, both Chicago) and have made it a tradition the past few years to make it to their favorite NY Mets home opener (he broke that tradition this year bc he was in NOLA for AOTA 19).

When asked what it means to him, he replied, “Even though it is kind of infrequent since my school schedule has been so hectic the past few years, having the chance to travel with my dad even if only for a weekend has meant so much to me. I have been away from home for some years now, but one of the things my dad and I can still talk about until we’re blue in the face about, is baseball. I grew up playing baseball and my dad always taught me life lessons through baseball analogies, and still to this day we exchange thoughts and ideas about life in baseball terms.”

He goes on to say, “It’s been really amazing and fun! I met a guy a couple years ago, who was seeing a game in ballpark 29 of 30 on his mission to hit all 30 stadiums. That was one of the coolest conversations, meeting a stranger from CA who had spent his whole life fulfilling the same dream I am in pursuit of.”

“It has been an awesome experience to get to share with my dad,” Jordan says, “and one that I continue to look forward to each and every summer”.

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