Krysta Grande BA, COTA/L

Name: Krysta Grande BA, COTA/L

Location: Pennsauken, NJ

Practice Area: Pediatric School Based & Early Intervention

What does OT mean to your lyfe?

Occupational therapy means so much to me. I love that I can use my creativity to help my students reach their goals, adapt to their environment, increase their attention and be successful. Each of my clients that I have worked with have left me with memories, funny moments, and have even taught me things about myself as an occupational therapy practitioner and about myself as a person. When I am not working, I am always thinking about what fun treatments I can plan, or how I can elevate my practice to the next level. I also enjoy assistant teaching the anatomy class at my alma mater Thomas Jefferson University. I love learning and spreading OT joy and knowledge to all who want to hear!

What’s your most memorable moment as an OT practitioner?

Throughout my year as a practitioner, I have had so many moments that have left my OT heart so full so it is hard to pick just one. If I had to choose one it would be recently when a student told me “this is my favorite day of the week because I get to have OT with you” -During a pandemic when this student had all of the video games and toys to play with all of the time, to hear that..I felt pretty honored! During that teletherapy session he also properly used his finger as a spacer independently when writing a sentence, which we have been working on all year! I am really thankful I can be there for my students during this ever changing time.

Where can people connect with you?

Instagram: ms.krystalovesot

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