Candie Cintron, COTA/L

Name: Candie Cintron, COTA/L

Location: Maui, HI

Practice Area: Inpatient Acute Care

What does OT mean to your lyfe?

To help my community gain as much independence as possible from a holistic perspective

What’s your most memorable moment as an OT practitioner?

Lots of stories: From the elderly 90 year old female patient with no pain from a hip fracture who thinks she is safe to go home to go home to the meanest patients who throws food at me and tells me to get the F out of their room. Or the young TBI male who pushes you out of his way because he thinks nothing is wrong with him and we are holding him against his will. And the cardiac patient with heartburn who thought I was an angel sent because I recommended him try try lemon water in the morning or celery juiced upon waking (to help build up acids in his stomach to breakdown food).

What lights you up about occupational therapy?

The gift to educate and to see patients thrive. If my patient can take away one thing from what I taught them I’m happy.

What’s your biggest challenge in regards to OT right now?

The conventional medical system (pushing pills verses holistic view point of getting to the root cause), lack of mental health support/services, and the productivity requirements over quality time with patients.

What’s one piece of advice you would share with current OT/OTA students or practitioners?

Don’t take anything personal! (I can elaborate on this more in talking on the show) At the end of your day, ask yourself: what did I learn from this bad or good experience? Nothing ever happens to us, but rather things happen for us to learn. Take time outside of work to do things that bring you joy and cherish your alone time to avoid rapid burnout!

Where do you want to see occupational therapy go in the future?

My hope is that we continue to advocate for our profession as a holistic practice. Many medical professionals and patients have no idea we do it all. I would love to see more community based volunteer work with the homeless, mental health, home modifications, and with parents and their children.

Where can people connect with you?

Instagram: @spunky_sightseer

Hear more from Candie in her Lyfer of the Month feature:

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