Z is for Zoom

Over the past few weeks, Zoom has become a common word in my household and I’m sure in many others as well.

Although I had been using Zoom for many months to record my podcast and participate in some mastermind groups, it has now infiltrated into many other roles including providing teletherapy and in connecting with friends and family across the globe.

Despite being a time of social and physical distancing, Zoom has facilitated a sense of connection. Connection to friends and family, connection to my clinical role as an OT, and connection to the profession by connecting with other OT practitioners and students.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago, at the beginning of this whole pandemic, and it was amazing to see so many OT practitioners and students come together virtually.

Even though we might be apart, we are all in this together and can still be connected. How are you staying connected during this time?

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