Z is for Zero Waste

Over the years, I have been constantly evaluating (#TrueLifeOfAnOT) my footprint on the world and have been figuring out ways to reduce it. I see so much trash and plastic everywhere and it just breaks my heart to see how much we are polluting our world. Especially when I travel, the affects of one time use plastic is unescapable. I have driven for miles and all I have seen is piles of trash lining the streets.

A few of my favorite, and go to items, that I use on a daily basis to cut down on my footprint are pictured above. A use reusable bags for my fruits and vegetables at the market. I bought a pack off Amazon with 12 bags of varying sizes. BTW, I love getting comments from people about how nice my bags are when I am picking out my apples ;o). I also use Hydroflask for all my liquid needs, including a water bottle (I see you Los Leones Physical Therapy), coffee cup (compliments of Be Well Balance), and lunch container (thanks mom and dad). I also recently was gifted a travel straw (also from my parents) that collapses and fits in a nice little case. #NoMoreStraws

Zero Waste is something that I am super passionate about and even something that I keep in mind during my OT sessions. I despise recommending toys or materials that will just turn into waste and not be used. I utilize an extremely minimalistic approach to therapy and to items that I bring into my life.

Are you as passionate about zero waste as I am? What hacks do you use to minimize your waste?

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