V is for Vision Rehab

Occupational therapy practitioners work with clients who have visual limitations and refer to a wide range of functional limitations that can appear differently in each person.. These limitations could include handwriting, reading, completing puzzles, finding objects in a busy background, under or over shooting when grasping for an object, and even tripping over objects in their path.

When I was touring the OT program in Estonia, I got to check out their vision rehab program and play around with it to see how it worked. In one of the activities, I had to focus on moving happy faces on the screen with my eyes in order to squash them. Another one allowed me to paint a picture using my eyes as the paintbrush on the screen.

I had heard about these computer programs before, but had not been able to try it out first hand. It was super neat to do and even my hubby got a taste of what it was like.

Anyone here do vision rehab or incorporate it into your practice?

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