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P is for Podcast

This is something that I am extremely passionate about. Being that I drive all day everyday, podcasts are a big occupation of mine. Sometimes going through 8-10 different shows a day.

Over a year ago, I had this idea to start an OT podcast. I wanted to advocate for and get the voices of our amazing profession heard.

What started out as a crazy idea of mine has turned into huge passion and something that has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have met so many awesome OT Podcasters and have absolutely love the entire experience so far.

A big shout out goes to my OT Podcast buddies: Occupied, Seniors Flourish, OT Schoolhouse, I Love OT Podcast, Burnt Out To Lit Up, OT After Dark, OT Uncorked, The Sensory Project Show, OT Potential, Start a Therapy Practice

The Jeneralist, Glass Half Full, On The Air, and Mind Your OT Business.

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