O is for Outside

With everything that has been going on lately, many people are struggling with limited time outside these days. I know I have been.

I am usually a super active person spending most, if not all of my days outside, but for the past month because of the pandemic lockdown, that has significantly changed. Throw in more rain than usual too and my time outside is few and far between these days.

After finally getting some sunshine, I went for a run yesterday and quickly realized how much I had missed being outside. Every tree, flower, and animal that I came across now seemed more beautiful than I had remembered. I kept pausing to take it in and sometimes would snap a picture to remind me of that moment (see picture above).

Being outside and in nature has an immense influence on a person’s health, both physical and mental. There’s even been a rise in the number of nature-based practices that emphasize the therapeutic benefit of being outside (shout out to @outdoorkidsot).

So even though we are being forced to stay home these days, take a minute to get outside, even if it is just sitting on your front porch or in your backyard. Take in the sunshine (or rain or snow depending on where you are). Take in the sounds of the birds and other animals around. Take in the smell of the flowers. Just take a minute outside. It’s good for the mind and it’s good for the soul.

Have you gotten outside today?

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