N is for Neglect

Neglect can be a common condition following a brain injury, resulting in a deficit in attention to and awareness of one side of the body. People who have neglect have difficulty processing and perceiving stimuli on one side of their body or within their environment.

Let me tell you a story about this little boy. When I first met him 3 years ago, he had severe neglect of the left side of his body. He never used his left hand or arm, barely even knew it was there. Despite his limitation, he was extremely functional and independent. I mean, he easily completed a bead stringing activity using his right hand and stabilizing the string with his knees.

I saw him again last year and was amazed by how much progress he had made. He had started incorporating it as a stabilizer during fine motor activities. He even started making attempts to grasp objects with his left hand. He loved engaging in this sensory experience during our visit, exploring the tactile feeling of pouring small beads on his hand.

What are some of your favorite activities to address neglect?

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